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    about the NEW SL8V Hook & Loop Floor Sander:

    "I rented the SL8V to a custom woodworker. He loved it, saying it saved him time and was easy to use. He didn't?t loose any paper and told me the floors look great, no chatter marks! "

    Grove Rental
    Bedford, NH

    SL-8 Sander

    The Silver-Line SL-8 is the leader in rental sanders for one reason . . . it works!

    The DIYer can achieve professional results on their own at a fraction of the cost

    The SL-8 floor sander is the only machine on the market that will allow the DIY customer to achieve the results they want and expect.

    Why Better Results?

    The 1 hp constant speed motor and soft rubber drum with our unique cam locking system combine to work like a professional sander. The sandpaper is held between 2 spring-loaded cams. The slow (1800 RPM) constant speed of the drum will not gouge floors.

    The tilt action for the SL-8 allows for more controlled and even sanding when compare to other machines available to the rental trade. When you sand forward and backward with the SL-8, you can be assured of straight sanding because it runs on the drum and wheels. The weight of the machine is specifically designed and evenly distributed for the best results.

    We have manufactured the SL-8 with a 1 hp completely sealed, repulsion-induction Baldor motor. It will run the drum at 1800 RPM constantly on 14 amps (standard household current). Because of this design, unique to the Silver-Line motor, the drum will not slow down or speed up as it sands, resulting in a level, smooth finish without waves.

    The totally sealed motor also saves you money because it keeps sawdust out.

    The repulsion-induction feature virtually eliminates brush wear by using the brushes only to start the motor. The brushes lift off the motor via centrifugal force when the motor is up to speed. The SL-8 motor does not use capacitors.

    Standard Equipment:
    25 power cord with twist lock connectors and standard plug, dust bag & wrenches

    Silver-Line floor sanding machines are fully guaranteed for one year against factory defects

    Over-All Dimensions: Length 28 Width 15 Height 34

    Motor- 1 HP constant speed, 115 volt, AC only, 60 Cycle, single phase. Runs on 14 amps.
    Drum- Standard 8 width, soft rubber cover with aluminum drum core, spring loaded cam paper locking system, takes 8 x 20 3/16 paper
    Drum Speed - 1800 RPM, constant speed
    Net Weight - 115 lbs.
    Shipping Weight - 140 lbs.
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